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FAQs and Tips
FAQs and Tips
  We've been collecting a lot of good info over the years on handlebars, cup holders and motorcycles in general! Here are a few helpful pages of tips and tricks. If you have any suggestions or additions, please get in touch!

My clamp broke! What do I do?

We guarantee all of the products we make against breakage and manufactures defects. If you have had a breakage of any kind please follow the Contact Us link and submit a claim. We will need to know what part you broke including size of the clamp, your name and mailing address, phone number, order number (if you have one), approximate age of the part and any photographic documentation you can provide. Generally we can answer a broken part claim in less than 48 hours.

Is the cup holder bigger now?

Why, Yes! Thanks for noticing! A few years back the original cup holder mold broke and we decided to increase the size of the cup since we had to make an entirely new mold anyway. The new larger cup can now accommodate 1 liter bottles as well as the larger drinks from the drive through. The also comes with a koozie in case you have a bottle or can that would be too small otherwise.

Do you offer discounts for military or MC clubs?

We are GREATLY appreciative of your service, but we do not offer military discounts for single purchases. If you have a need for 5 or more units, please get in touch and we will try to work out a beneficial pricing schedule for you. We do offer a 10% discount on several of our products if you "like" our Facebook page and buy through the Facebook store.

I bought my cup with the wrong size clamp. What can I do?

We can't emphasize enough that you need to measure your bars before ordering. It is a simple process illustrated here. If you bought the wrong size, you have two choices.
1) You can purchase the correct size clamp here. This option will cost $4.90 after shipping.
2) You can return the clamp you have for an exchange. This option will cost approximately $3 in shipping and the time it takes for us to receive the parts and send you the correct pieces.
This option also costs us $3 in shipping so you can guess that we will make a face at you if you choose this :P

What size screws do you use?

Our hardware has changed a few times over the years but we have kept it rather consistent in the recent past. Our standard hardware on the clamp is 5/8" 10/32 stainless steel pan head screws and acorn nuts. The cup is held to the clamp with a 5/8" stainless steel flat head screw that goes through our proprietary "dimpled" washer and into a ny-lock locking nut. If you are in need of any of this hardware and can't find it in your local store, please contact us and we'd be happy you send you what you need.

Will the Throttle Tender work on my foreign made motorcycle?

No. The Throttle Tender is made specifically to work on the 5 pointed "star" screw throttle assembly that is standard on many Harley Davidson Motorcycles made since 1982. It may be possible to find an aftermarket Harley star screw and get it on your bike but this is not something we can recommend unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Should I glue the parts?

NO!! Many people are using a product like Lock-Tite on the hardware. DO NOT DO THIS!! The chemicals in the adhesive will eat the poly-carbonate on the clamp and the cup holder. If you have a breakage, just contact us for a replacement

Are there any alternatives to mounting the cup holder on my bars?

Folks have been getting pretty creative with how they can mount our products on their bike. Some have been able to mount to the engine guard, some to a luggage rack or sissy bar. We have heard it is even possible to drill out the Gold Wing clamp we offer, get the correct hardware and mount the cup to the switch housing on a Harley. Not something we would recommend but if you are handy and want to try it, who are we to stop you. If you are going to try an alternate method, please be sure to measure the bar or tubing before purchase and use common sense!